Davao Medical Foundation, Philippines

The Davao Medical School Foundation has high-tech labs.

Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the few medical schools to use the cutting-edge way of teaching in the Labs. The Anatomage Table is the most advanced way to show how different parts of the bodywork. The Anatomage Table is a virtual dissection system used by some of the best medical schools in the world to teach their students about anatomy and physiology. It helps students understand the human body better. When training and researching the human body.

Simulation Lab at Davao Medical School Foundation

The Davao Medical School Foundation simulation lab is made to give students a realistic and exciting place to learn. At a simulation center, learners can practice and improve their clinical skills. The rooms, manikins, and technology look and feel like a real clinical simulation lab, but there are no real risks to patients.

Microbiology Lab at Davao Medical School Foundation

At the University of the Philippines College of Medicine – Davao, our students use simulation labs to improve their skills, perfect cutting- edge procedures, and learn how to use helpful social communication technologies to tell patients important news. As a result, the Davao Medical School Foundation has realized how important it is to use translational research to set new standards for patient safety and medical education.

Cadaver Dissection Lab at Davao Medical College

The Davao Medical School Foundation has corpses in all of its labs, so students can use them to train themselves. Students in the medical field often call the corpse they dissect their “first patient” because it is their first experience with humans apart from the textbook. At most medical schools, there is always a shortage of cadavers. But medical Students must be very good at dissection and feel confident enough to practice on dead bodies. The Davao Medical School Foundation ensures that all students have enough time to work on corpses.