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Campus Life

Welcome to the vibrant campus life at Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF), where excellence in medical education is seamlessly integrated with a myriad of modern amenities and cutting-edge facilities. Our commitment to providing a top-notch learning environment is reflected in the state-of-the-art infrastructure and comprehensive clinical experiences that set our institution apart.
DMSF takes pride in its collaboration with various Davao institutions, actively participating in the care of over 4,000 patients annually. In the final year of their program, students embark on a rigorous schedule, gaining invaluable real-life patient treatment experience at different hospitals. This hands-on approach ensures that DMSF alumni are well-equipped, not only for lucrative career opportunities but also for pursuing further studies abroad.

Discover Unparalleled Learning Environments

 Our state-of-the-art facilities redefine the learning experience. Cutting-edge laboratories equipped with the latest technology provide students with hands-on training, fostering a dynamic approach to medical education. The campus architecture seamlessly blends modern design with functionality, creating spaces that inspire curiosity and collaboration.

Faculty of Distinction

At DMSF, we take pride in our distinguished faculty members who are not just educators but mentors. Their expertise spans various medical disciplines, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching academic journey. Our faculty members are committed to cultivating a culture of continuous learning, encouraging students to push boundaries and explore new horizons.

Safe and Serene Davao City

DMSF holds the approval of both the NMC and the World Health Organization, ensuring that students can confidently commence their medical careers with us. Your future is secure at Davao Medical School Foundation.

Connect with the Future of Medicine

Join us at Davao Medical School Foundation College Campus, where each step is a stride towards a future in healthcare. Our commitment to uniqueness and excellence in medical education ensures that your journey here will be unlike any other – a journey that shapes not just your career but also the future of medicine.

Here are some of the reasons why Indian students and their parents think Davao Medical College is the best medical school in the Philippines:

At Davao Medical School Foundation, Students do not have to pay any capitation fees. At Davao Medical School Foundation, the tuition and other costs of getting an MBBS degree are very transparent. Indian students can get an authentic international MBBS degree for about Rs. 4.40 lakhs per year. Davao Medical School Foundation helps the Indian students with the facilities that they require in the hostel. DMSF has safe and secure dorms on campus, serves vegetarian and nonvegetarian Indian food, and has trained counselors on hand 24/7.

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