Indian Food

Davao Medical Foundation, Philippines

In Davao, Philippines, DMSF Hostel serves authentic Indian food.

When Indian medical students study abroad, they often get homesick and difficult for a few days to have an altogether different type of food. Indian students at Davao Medical College have access to healthy, authentic Indian food in the dorms, thanks to the Davao Medical School Foundation. In addition, there are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and Jain food options for Indian students living in the Davao Medical College dorm.

The Davao Medical School Foundation's hostel

The greatest fear when a student wants to study abroad is food. Vegetarian options are very less and you don’t have any options in some of the places. In Davao Medical College they make sure vegetarian options and even Jain foods are served. Indian chefs are hired and made to cook Indian foods so the students do not have to feel homesick due to the food.