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Customized Dining Experience

  At Davao Medical School Foundation, we celebrate diversity, and our Indian Food offerings are no exception. Whether you follow a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or Jain dietary preference, our menu is thoughtfully curated to cater to your individual needs. The chefs are more than willing to accommodate specific requests, ensuring that your dining experience is tailored to your taste.

Indian Chefs Bringing Home to You

To ensure an authentic culinary experience, we’ve brought skilled Indian chefs on board. These culinary maestros are not just chefs; they are artisans crafting home-style Indian dishes with a touch of love and authenticity. Their expertise guarantees that each dish served at our Indian Food corner reflects the true essence of Indian cuisine.

A Taste of India in Every Bite

Whether you’re craving the richness of butter chicken, the spiciness of masala dosa, or the aromatic flavours of biryani, our Indian chefs are here to satiate your taste buds. From North to South India, our diverse menu captures the essence of regional

Customised Jain Food Options:

Recognizing the importance of catering to specific dietary needs, we take pride in offering customised Jain food options. Our chefs understand the principles of Jain cuisine, ensuring that every dish meets the dietary requirements and preferences of those following the Jain Tradition specialties, allowing you to embark on a culinary journey through the subcontinent.

No More Homesickness, Just Home-Cooked Happiness:

With Indian chefs bringing the taste of home to our campus, there’s no need to feel homesick. Our Indian Food page is a culinary haven where every meal is a reminder of the warmth and comfort of home. Indulge in the flavours of India, savour the spices, and embrace the joy of home-cooked happiness at Davao Medical School Foundation.

Join us on this delightful culinary journey – where every bite is a step closer to the heart of India.

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