The Library of the Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. The Library is where everyone in the school goes to do research and learn. It has many easy-to-use, relevant, up-to-date print, non-print, and electronic resources.

The DMSF Library has improved how people find and get information. It also has exercises that are meant to make it easier to find relevant information.

Our new standard

  • As you're getting ready to go into the Library, please wash or disinfect your hands.
  • When guests arrive, they are given a form to fill out.
  • Keep at least two meters between you and the other people there.
  • Put on a mask at all times (face mask and face shield).

How to Use a Library

For academic events and conferences, you need to reserve a spot. or you can contact librarian at any time. She can tell you how to make a reservation and visit the Library. Teachers and students who forget to make a reservation ahead of time won't be able to use the Library.

Library Code of Conduct Announcement

During this outbreak, fines for late library books are being waived, and grace periods are being given. For more information, you can contact Librarian.

  • To get into the Library and use any of its resources, you must always show a valid school ID. Membership cards can't be given to someone else.
  • People can't talk in the Library.
  • Please drop off any extra bags at the baggage counter before entering the Library. Please don't put anything you don't need on the seats and tables, as they are for library users.
  • Students should always keep an eye on their things and never leave their phones, wallets, or other valuables unattended. The library staff can't be blamed if something is stolen or broken.
  • Both reading and writing can be done on the tables. Don't get more books than you need; keep the table clear.
  • Always wear the right clothes to the Library. Slippers, sandals, shorts, and other inappropriate garments are prohibited.
  • People who use the Library should keep the area clean. Before you leave, ensure the seats are in order, and the tables are free of any books or other things you might need to study. The Library has a strict rule that says people can't damage the furniture. The people who did wrong will get the punishments they deserve.
  • Any broken items will have to be replaced by the person who borrowed them.