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Nellie Kellog Van Schaick Scholarship Program

The main objective of this scholarship is to help the people of Mindanao by creating more doctors. The scholarship program also focuses on providing financial aid for students of DMSF who are unable to pay their tuition. There are more than 500 students who are now doctors due to this Nellie Kellog Van Schaick Scholarship program of the Davao Medical School Foundation. Find out more about applying for this scholarship below

Implementation of Nellie Kellog Van Schaick Scholarship Program

Implementation of the scholarship program is done through the Scholarship Committee as recommended by the Dean of the DMSF. The committee consists of a minimum of three to five members with one as the Chairperson. The Committee members shall serve the office for a period of two years and may subject to reappointment.

Requirements for Scholarships

The scholarship committee should accept the students request for the scholarship program. For first-year students, the aspirant must have an average of 85 or better in their BS Degree. To maintain or renew the scholarship,

Full scholars: An average of 82 or better without a grade less than 78 in any subject.

Partial scholars: An average of 80 or better with NO grade below 75 in any subject.

All the students who are applying for scholarships will be reevaluated yearly. Based on their academic performance or their financial needs, the scholarship committee may upgrade it from partial to full or downgrade from full to partial, or even discontinue the scholarship grant.

Students availing scholarship programs must

  • commit to serve the rural area after completing their studies and passing the licensure exam.
  • be physically fit and must be of good moral character.
  • be in need of financial assistance.

Responsibilities and Privileges

Full Scholar

Full tuition and Miscellaneous Fees, Full Book Allowance with Board and Lodging Allowance. He or she must serve in a rural area approved by the DMSF for the period equivalent to the number of years enjoyed under the scholarship program.

Partial Scholar

Category A – Full Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees, Full Book Allowance without Board and Lodging Allowance.

Category B – Full Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees, without Book Allowance
The same as those for the full scholar except that the scholar required to serve for a period equivalent to ¾ of the number of years enjoyed under the grant.

Category C – 50% of Tuition and Miscellaneous fees, Full Book Allowance, No Board and Lodging Allowance.

Basis For Selection of Candidates

  • The aspirant should submit a copy of their transcript of records.
  • It is mandatory for the students applying for the scholarship to submit the income tax returns of their parents during the two (2) immediate preceding years and the latest BIR declaration of assets and liabilities.
  • A certification of good moral character from the head of his/her school, or from the parish priest or church minister should be submitted.
  • The student should also submit a medical certification stating their physical fitness.
  • All the documents submitted during the interview will be subject to verification by the committee members. If the documents were found fake or duplicate the application will be rejected and no appeals for reconsideration is entertained.


  • The student should submit the application to the Chairman of the Committee with the above documents to the secretary.
  • An orientation program is conducted for the applicants and their parents/guardian.
  • An interview will be conducted by the Scholarship Committee.
  • Once the students are selected, he/she should sign the contract of the scholarship.

The students are requested to maintain their grades for the yearly renewal of the scholarship program. All these details from mentors should be submitted to the committee on time for the next academic year.

Scholarship Committee Members of DMSF

  • Meldi A. Anuta, M.D. Chairperson
  • Genevieve D. Tupas, M.D. Member
  • Floranne Margaret L. Vergara, M.D. Member
  • Reagan F. Cabahug, M.D. Member
  • Atty. Ma. Theresa Y. Panes, M.D. Member
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