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Davao Medical School Foundation – Parents Reviews

Thirumaran from Tamil Nadu India

I have been sent by an IMD graduate to DMSF. I have been experiencing a wonderful time in Philippines and it’s overwhelming to study in DMSF. It is very much grateful to study in such a country. The college and its staffs are friendly and it feels like a home to me.

Indian parent from Nagaland

Right from his childhood my son wanted to become a doctor which has been made true through DMSF. I am so happy that my son is going to be a doctor from a reputed institute. Also, the college has been approved by many International medical organization which is also a great feature of DMSF.

Joice from Nagaland India

Today my son’s childhood dream of becoming a doctor has come true as he has been enrolled in DMSF. I am very happy and proud on behalf of every Indian students joining DMSF medical college.

Mythili Dhanasekaran from Tamil Nadu India

I am much thankful for Davao Medical School Foundation in helping my daughter to become a great doctor. The college, professors and the people here has been friendly and much helpful to every one.

Ebinazer from India

We had a wonderful experience in DMSF. The professors and the labs are of top notch. I want to let you know that DMSF has also provided more than 1000 doctors to India in the past years and I am so thankful that my son is also graduated from DMSF.

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