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Both boys and girls can stay in a dorm at the Davao Medical School Foundation.

In addition, the school's administration ensures that the Indian students can use taxis and buses to get around. The people in charge at DMSF care a lot about how good the food that the students eat is. There are Indian and Filipino dishes to choose from. Also, there are a lot of great Indian restaurants in the area, some of which are made for college students.

Students Testimonial.

“The medical school has been given the stamp of approval by both MCI and many international medical organisations. There are a lot of new and cutting-edge medical practices being used. Exams no longer use paper, and the 3D labs are a huge help. Many DMSF graduates are now working as doctors in the United States and the United Kingdom, which is good for me.”

A student from Kashmir

“The fact that there are so many Indian students at this university makes me feel right at home. Davao, Philippines, is the world's second-cleanest and second-safest big City. Because the faculty works so hard, I think more people should attend this university. Also, the cost of living is very much lower. So if you choose to go to our university, you will never regret it.”

Student from Kerala

“The teachers here are the best and are always willing to help. Therefore, it is wise to choose Davao Medical School Foundation. The people who live there are amiable and helpful. Thanks to well-equipped labs and regular practical classes, there are many chances to use what you've learned in class. In the second year, students started to learn how to do things in the real world, and since then, all exams have been in MCQ format.”

Student from Tamil Nadu

“Someone who previously went to the IMD suggested I go to the DMSF. My time in the Philippines has been great, and DMSF has been a fantastic way to learn. Attending college in a country like this one is a real blessing. Because of the friendly environment and helpful staff, I consider my school my second home.”

Indian Student Sara From Mumbai
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